Mission and Philosophy

The Tome School will embrace every grade from kindergarten to and through high school studies where young people may obtain proper preparation for the varied and important work of life.

Jacob Tome, Founder
May, 1889


The Tome School invests in the intellectual and personal promise of each student through its challenging, traditional college preparatory curriculum and its commitment to the development of core values of respect, responsibility and honesty.


Tome School is a community of students, parents, faculty, and staff who support each other in a commitment to intellectual exploration and lifelong learning. The dedicated faculty and staff challenge students to strive for both personal and academic excellence by teaching them to think independently, to work collaboratively, and to lead confidently. In addition, we provide them with the skills of critical thinking and effective communication essential to success in college and beyond. Through the school’s honor code, we foster in every student the courage and accountability that are the foundation of character, conduct, and citizenship. It is our expectation that the education here will inspire our young people to embrace their responsibilities to themselves, Tome School, and the world.

Our History

The Tome School’s roots lie in the vision of Jacob Tome (1810-1898), a merchant, banker, and philanthropist who lived most of his life in Cecil County, Maryland, and desired a means to give back to the community. He set out to create a school that would offer the finest of education to students willing to undergo its regimen, regardless of their families’ ability to pay the cost. His commitment to this vision was so passionate that he donated much of his considerable wealth to the creation of Tome. In announcing his preliminary plans in 1889, Mr. Tome said, “I have lived for fifty-six years in Port Deposit and have made my money there. I think it is only right that I should spend some of it for the good of the people there. My purpose is to erect and equip the necessary schools and laboratories for 500 children. I want to give them a practical education to fit them for the duties of life.”

The Tome School was built and flourished – eventually outgrowing its original buildings in Port Deposit. In 1971, the school moved to a hundred-acre property in North East, MD, and a new addition was put on the building in 2004. Today Tome School serves 500 students from kindergarten through twelfth grade. The school today continues to faithfully reflect its founder’s aims. The curriculum differs in many important respects, particularly in rigor, from that of typical American elementary and secondary education. Additionally, Tome was the founding school for the Cum Laude Society in 1906. It continues to value honor and academic excellence, balancing that with a wide variety of extracurricular activities, community service opportunities, and athletics.​


No matter when you called Tome your second home, the sense of tradition and community remains. This page is meant to keep Tome alumni connected to the school, and each other. Check back often for information on upcoming events, class news, and much more.

Please take a moment to update your address information and let us know what you’ve been up to! Email Kate Young at ​k.young@tomeschool.org.

Faculty & Staff

Christine Szymanski

Head of School | Latin 7

Soraya Beltran

Spanish 3, 4 | Lower School Spanish Enrichment

Elizabeth Blackwell

Science 5, 7 | LS Science Lab

Caroline Bond

College Counselor

Riley Calpin

Latin 1, 2, 3, 4 | Latin 8

Joy Compher

Middle & Upper School Chorus

Melissa Corriveau

Composition 6, 7 |  Middle School Technology

Ray Costello

Athletic Director |  History 8

Trisha Costello

Algebra II | Pre-Caculus | Calculus

Jack Davis

Building Maintenance

Lorrie Dirienzo

Algebra 1 | Computer Science/Coding | Statistics

Kate Dzedzy

Foundations in Algebra (8) | Intro-Algebra (7) | Math 6 | Middle School Technology

Donna Escoto

Grammar 5, 6, 7

Daniel Ford

British Literature | Composition 11, 12

Melanie Frey

Composition 9 | World Literature | Drama Club Coordinator | Upper School Coordinator

Salena Garber

Biology | Advanced Biology | Environmental Science | Envirothon

Linda Garrabrant

School Secretary

Kaitlynn Gilbert

Lower School Library | Technology Grade 3

Jonathan Hanson

US History | Government | Economics | Stage Crew Coordinator

Priscilla Joyce

Assistant Head of School | Admissions Director

Loretta Kitko

LS Music | MS Music | Orchestra

Ann Koshinski

Composition 5 | Math 5 | Pre-Algebra (6)

Aimee Lawrence

French 2, 3

Brandy Lewin

Composition 8 | Literature 8

Megan Linkous

Art (LS, MS, US)

Aimee Little

Grade 4 | Math 4

Kristina Martin

Literature 6 | Literature 7 | Grammar 8

Kristin Martonik

Ancient History | World History

Christopher Matz

Physical Education (LS, MS, US) | Health (US)

Chris McMullen

Assistant Athletic Director

Morissa Mercaldo

American Literature | Composition 11 | Yearbook Advisor

Taralyn Miller

Grade 4 | Literature 5

David Potsubay

Ancient Literature | Composition 10

Mary Rasa

Archivist | Librarian | MS Library Research

Rich Rand

Business Manager

Amy Roose

Algebra 1 | Geometry (MS, US) | Middle School Coordinator

Wendy Sheldrick

Science 6 | Intro to Physical Science (IPS) 8

Sue Shirley

Business Office Staff

Eileen Slaughter

Kindergarten | Kindergarten Admissions Screening

Ezra Tillman

History 5, 7 | Geography 6

Jenn Waldron

Spanish 1, 2 | Latin 7

Steve Wilkinson

Chemistry | Advanced Chemistry | Physics

Linda Williams

Lower School Coordinator | LS Health, IXL, Library

Jenn Wilson


Katrina Wohner

Science Lab KG, 1, 2 | Health (LS) | Art (KG, 1)

Kate Young

Academic Office Lead Secretary Registrar | Alumni Relations