The Tome school

College Counseling

College Preparatory

Tome students prepare for college every day by taking challenging, college-preparatory courses, taking advantage of leadership opportunities, and working hard. We encourage students to become fully involved in the academic, social and extracurricular life of Tome School during their four years in Upper School, and to develop individual interests for which they have a passion. This way, the college process becomes a natural part of a student’s life, and not the all-consuming focus of his or her entire Upper School experience.​

Freshman Year:

Setting the bar

Ninth grade students are encouraged to focus on academic preparation, involvement in clubs, organizations, and sports.

9th Grade:

  • PSAT exam in October
  • Try new activities

Sophmore Year:

Looking at the big picture

Tenth graders meet with the college counselor to discuss “the big picture.” This includes what colleges will be looking for and what they should be doing to prepare. Students are encouraged to schedule a meeting with the counselor if they have any questions.

10th Grade:

  • PSAT exam in October
  • Sophomore Parent College Night
  • Tour Area colleges

Junior Year:

Finding a Good Fit

College counseling becomes more formal during the junior year. Topics include the college search, admission tests, financial aid, role of parents, and calendar of activities. Individual conferences with the college counselor take place throughout the spring. Then the class meets with the counselor in May for a college essay workshop and to discuss summer responsibilities.

11th Grade:

  • PSAT exam in October
  • Access to student’s SCOIR account
  • Individual student meetings with the College Counselor
  • Junior Parent College Information Night
  • Small group meetings with college representatives
  • Family meetings with the College Counselor
  • Initial College Essays
  • Request Teacher Recommendations

Senior Year:

College and Scholarship Applications

Summer of senior year, students are offered the option to attend a College Application Boot Camp for students who want to get a head start on their college application process.  In the fall of senior year, students and parents attend Senior Application Night in September.
Students meet with the counselor as often as necessary as they complete applications and research scholarships.

12th Grade:

  • Access/ Update student’s SCOIR account
  • Individual student meetings with the College Counselor
  • Senior Application Night
  • Small group meetings with college representatives
  • Apply to college

For any questions about the college counseling or application process, contact our college counselor:

Caroline Bond | College Counselor

Tome School welcomes visits from college representatives!
Tome uses SCOIR for scheduling. If you are unable to find a time that works with your travel schedule on our SCOIR calendar, please contact us directly, and we will be happy to help you set-up your visit. 

Upper School Profile

Tome Upper School students take six academic classes each year. The typical schedule includes one class in each of the following disciplines: English composition, foreign language, history, literature, mathematics, and science.

To graduate from Tome a student must successfully complete a minimum of 21 academic credits with a minimum distribution of 4 credits in English and 3 credits each in foreign language, history, mathematics and science according to the MSDE under COMAR 13A.09.09.


    Grade 9

    Composition 9, Ancient Literature, Algebra 1 or Algebra 2 or geometry, French 1, Spanish 1 or Latin 1, Ancient History, Biology, physical education


    Grade 10

    Composition 10, American Literature, Geometry or Algebra 2, French 2 or Spanish 2 or Latin 2, Environmental Science or Chemistry, World History


    Grade 11

    Composition 11, British Literature, Algebra 2 or Pre-calculus, French 3, Latin 3 or Spanish 3, Chemistry or Adv. Chemistry or Physics, US History


    Grade 12

    Composition 12 and/or World Literature, Precalculus or Calculus, Statistics, French 4, Spanish 4, French 1, Spanish 1 or Latin 1, Physics, Government/Economics, Adv. Biology, Adv. Chemistry