Annual Fund Donation



I know what it is to fight your own way in life, and if I can I want to try and make the road a little smoother for others.

These are the words of Jacob Tome, quoted over 125 years ago in American magazine. They are a small glimpse into the motivation of a man whose vision then is a reality today. As I began my role as Head of School, I came to appreciate that vision more each day. Building a smoother road for our Tome students is a community effort–students, faculty, parents, and alumni.

The Annual Fund helps resurface that smooth road that Jacob Tome created years ago. In conjunction with the Race for Education, it provides an important part of the current operating budget. Gifts of all sizes underwrite every aspect of The Tome School’s educational experience –its rigorous academic program, student scholarships, faculty salaries, the alumni newsletter and activities, and maintenance of the school’s campus.

How would Jacob Tome see his vision today?

Please take a moment to reflect on what The Tome School means to you and your family. Then join with other parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends of Tome and make your contribution to the Annual Fund. Remember that gifts of all sizes, when combined with the gifts of others, truly make a difference. Jacob Tome wrote, “I know what the value of an education is, and I made up my mind years ago that I would do what I could to help others along. I simply want to set an example to others like myself…” Please join me in following his example and creating a smoother road for Tome.

Christine C. Szymanski
Head of School