In June, Tome School broke ground in the rear of the school for a new field house. The project is the final step in completing the vision Dr. Hogue and Mr. Ralph Hostetter (’40) set in motion in 1970.

When the school moved to North East after the Port Deposit fire in 1969, Hogue and Hostetter envisioned a school for 500 students, with two wings, and a detached field house. Due to safety concerns and student movement the current Board of Trustees amended the original plans, and drew up plans for a field house that is attached to the school building.

The field house will be accessible through the athletic hallway, and will include seating for 500, a concession area, courts, an athletic training room, and storage.  The current gym will be converted to an auditorium/multi-use space.

Paul Risk Company is leading the project; it is the same contractor that worked on the New Wing in 2003-2004.